Monday, 09. September 2019 |

INVISIBLE SUE at Festival des deutschen Films

Goldener Nils for the most action-packed children's film

On the 8th of September the children's jury of the festival awarded the spezial prize for the most action-packed children's film to INVISIBLE SUE. We are very happy about the prize from Ludwigshafen! On the left you can see Markus Dietrich (director of INVISIBLE SUE) and Luna Marie Maxeiner (Rocca...

Tuesday, 23. July 2019 |

RAUS auf DVD and VoD

RAUS by Philipp Hirsch is now available on DVD and digital

The movie RAUS is now available on DVD and VoD!The DVD is available on amazon Germany and digital to rent or to buy at iTunes.


Friday, 07. June 2019 |

Best Script!

for TESS at Goldener Spatz

On the 7th of June 2019 MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMEMR WITH TESS wins the prize for the best script at the 27th Children Media Festival Goldener Spatz. The award goes to the author Laura van Dijk and is accepted representatively by producer Guido Schwab (see image).

Monday, 03. June 2019 |


the Children Media Festival Goldener Spatz.

On 2nd of June 2019 the 40 years old Children Media Festival Goldener Spatz opened with our film INVISIBLE SUE. 

Our director Markus Dietrich, the DoP Ralf Noack and the main cast Ruby M. Lichtenberg (role: SUE), Anna Shirin Habedank (role: APP) and Lui Eckardt (role: TOBI)...

Monday, 03. June 2019 |

TESS wins Golden Slipper ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL in Czech Republic!

MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS wins Golden Slipper for Best feature Film for Children at Zlín Film Festival. We are happy about the 7th award at the 8th festival!


Monday, 18. March 2019 |

Grand Prize for TESS

in New York

Wow! MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMEMR WITH TESS wins at the 17th of March the Grand Prize of the category Feature Film at the New York International Children’s Film Festival!

More of the festival: NYICFF

Saturday, 09. March 2019 |

Maple Syrup Award


INVISIBLE SUE won the Maple Syrup Award at FIFEM in Montreal! The award was created specifically for INVISIBLE SUE and the director Markus Dietrich at the Canadian premiere. The audience and we are impressed!

More information about FIFEM can be found here: FIFEM