Living Man
Oleg Novkovic
Milena Markovic
Miladin Colakovic
Chouchkov Brothers
ostlicht filmproduktion

Living Man A melancholic comedy dealing with the question „What is freedom?“ and focusing on a man who, after a series of big disappointments, is now trying to regain his freedom.

This is a story about a man who realizes one day that his daughter is pregnant and that his son is not his. Deeply disappointed, he decides to change things, abandon home and continue where he ceased, a long time ago, with free, unbridled, and true life. In nocturnal euphoria caused by this newly found freedom, the man has a heart-attack and dies. 


Then he awakes. Happy as a small child, he goes on seeking forgiveness from those he sinned. He returns to his children and wife. The man decides to accept his life and to give it to others.