My extraordinary summer with Tess
Steven Wouterlood
Laura van Dijk, based on the book by Anna Woltz
Sal Kroonenberg
BIND (NL), ostlicht filmproduktion (DE)
farbfilm verleih

My extraordinary summer with Tess

Sam (10)  

Sam (10) is on the island Terschelling during the summer holidays with his family. Right on the first day his brother Jorre breaks his leg. Bad for him, good for Sam. But why? Because this is how Sam meets self-willed Tess (11), who has a genious plan to meet her father, who does not know yet, that he has a daughter. She has one week and she needs Sams help. Sam, though, is immersed in his solitude-training. The thought of death and being left alone as the youngest of the family is worrying him, so he assigns himself to be alone, everyday a little longer. But the adventure with Tess makes him realise how much family and friendship really mean and that being together now is better than training for being alone later.