Samis Present
Markus Dietrich
Markus Dietrich
Urs Zimmermann
ostlicht filmproduktion, Keller, Lenz, Schwab GbR

Samis Present An iranian boy, living in the german province, discovers something really strange. Everything around him seems to change.

Sami is living in the province of Thuringian, but that was not his choice - his parents had to move there due to job changes. The village is full of dangers to him. Especially the "Muellerbrothers" are waiting to see him walking the village on his own and Sami is not strong enough to fight back. He escapes into a world of phantasy. A world in which the village seems to be located even beyond nowhere. This world of phantasy, in which he is in control of everything, mixes more and more with reality. Thus, even delivering the newspaper becomes a existential question and the encounter with the Muellers ends in a final showdown.