The opportunity
Benjamin Heisenberg
Benjamin Heisenberg
Martin Farkas, BVK
ostlicht filmproduktion GbR
Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, Schlaflos Holl Stundl GbR

The opportunity Gerwin, 17, misses his bus after school. When he meets an older man, his world is turned upside down.

After school, high-school graduate Gerwin misses the bus that should bring him home from town. Bernd, a man in his thirties, also stands there, looking after the departing bus. Both decide to have a drink together and wait for the next bus in the pub near the station. Soon Bernd tries to approach Gerwin with sexual offers. Irritated, Gerwin pays and leaves the pub. When he meets his friends, every look and every contact feels ambiguous and unpleasant to him. Gerwin walks back to the bus terminal, where he meets Bernd again. After a short moment of hesitation he proceeds to attack.

"This film examines the framework of guilt and innocence. I want to see how people interact with each other. I try to understand and to question them. No decision is objectifiable. Truth is subjective. The film becomes a film through the eyes of the audience." (Benjamin Heisenberg)

Awards (selection)

  • 16. Premiers Plan Festival D'angers, Frankreich, Grand Prix du Jury 2004 / Films D'ÉCOLES EUROPÉENS, 
  • 31st Athens International Film und Video Competition, Ohio, USA, 2. Prize in the category: Narrative 
  • Starterfilmpreis der Stadt München 2004