Djen Prischjol (The day went by)
Hagen Keller
Hagen Keller
Philipp Kirsamer
ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH

Djen Prischjol (The day went by) Maria, former employee at the film studios Tbilisi, still polishes this long forgotten stronghold of Georgian Film. When the wrecking ball threatens her world of remembrance and imagination, a struggle begins between two realities.

A sunny morning in Tblisi. We see an old woman on her way to work. For neary 50 years, Maria Pawlowna has made her daily trip to the Centre for Georgian Film. Even though it has been closed for a year, she still clears the corridors and tries to stop the decay. Every room invokes memories. Her rituals are only disrupted by minor incidents of plundering. Until the day when the demolition gang knocks on the door. With her last strength, she resists the approaching doom.