Who owns my village? Who owns my village?
Christoph Eder
Christoph Eder
Domenik Schuster
ostlicht filmproduktion GmbH
Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, in Zusammenarbeit mit D-Facto Motion
jip-film & verleih
Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

FBW "Besonders wertvoll"


Who owns my village? A film about the nature of democracy between white resort architecture and the sound of the sea.

In the filmmaker's home village, the Baltic resort of Göhren on Rügen, residents are arguing about the future of the popular holiday destination. For years the local council has been dominated by a group of four men who stand for growth and investment. In the village they are called the “Great Four”, because they always support the projects of major investor W. Horst.

Since the fall of the Wall, the multimillionaire from North Rhine-Westphalia has built more hotels and holiday homes than anyone else. Now that Horst is planning a construction project in a conservation area, activist Nadine and her father Bernd take action against it. They quickly realize that they only have one chance to protect the picturesque landscape of their homeland: by competing with like-minded people in the upcoming local elections and winning a majority in the local council. Can they break the superiority of the “Great Four”?

A personal film about the essence of democracy between white spa architecture and the gentle sound of the sea.